Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Congrats Kandy!

I hate to spoil the suprise for everyone but I can't wait until tomorrow to tell that my cousin Kandy is PREGNANT AGAIN! I know that she was planning to call and tell everyone tomorrow but I just couldn't wait! We love you Kandy......congrats on the new baby coming! Love Deidra

JorDynn Preslee Quintero

Here she is........Miss America. Here is JorDynn Preslee born March 29, 2010 at 4:18 pm. She has just been the best baby since she has been born. She reminds us so much of Andrew when he was a baby. She never cries and is just a sweet heart. We are so greatful that she is here safe and sound. We love her so much! I am in quite a bit of pain still from the tubal........but I hope to get feeling better soon. Love to all!
Josh, Deidra, Andrew & JorDynn

Friday, March 12, 2010

JorDynn's Ultrasound

So this is JorDynn laying sideways. You can see her cute little chbby cheeks that I can't wait to be kissing. I am 36 weeks now and so I have 4 more to go. Everyone thinks that I will go early except for me because I am conviced that I will be in pain until the last possible second. This pregnancy has sure been different then when I was preg with Andrew. She has been so low and I have just had chronic pain since about 21 weeks. So I know that I complain a lot and I really don't want to, but as most of you know I wear my emotions on my sleeve so it is not hard to tell that I am not feeling good. I will be so happy and blessed to have her here and start enjoying her. I do have to say that she has been nicer to me in my belly than Andrew in regards to not kicking my ribs. Great I problably just jinxed myself. So I know that everyone has their own heart aches to deal with and I know that I don't have to look to far to see someone that has things worse then me....but if you have any extra prayers that you could send out for my pain I would sure appreciate it. Love to all I hope that she is here soon.