Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Summer Adventures

These are a few of the fun things that we have done this summer................

So I was really scared, my heart was beating, I am sure that Josh was scared since he was on there with him, but everyone lived and Drew had a blast. Most of my days start out with Drew staring at me until I opn my eyes and then he says mom it is time to wake bout I dribe my 4 widder!

Other summer fun included Fishing With Uncle Curt & then later with Dallas, Miranda, Baylee & Morgon...........

Just sittin in my cool chair waiting on a bite~

Me, Dallas, Miranda and Morgon!

I caught a fish!!!!!! Okay Dad helped....just a little bit though!
We we have another campout this weekend................With my brother's and sister and mom and dad. I am excited and hope that we all have a good time. I will let you know..........

Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Little Dirt Ball

Hi there, It has been a really long time since I put up a post. We have been really busy with all of the fun things that summer time has to offer. Camping! I say it with an exclamation point needs one! I think that BC (before children) I really did love camping. I feel like I am getting old and everything is just a hassel. Josh thinks that it is AWSOME! I'm all "whatev". So we have been doing a lot of camping. This is Drew on his "motorbikecycle" his words.........I know, so cute! Anyway he takes it everywhere and is trying really hard to learn how to peddle. We went camping over to the lake this weekend with the Baker heathens and that was really fun. The funny part for me was that everyone noticed the my child is like the energizer bunny on steroids drinking a rock star and never taking a break. For those of you that didn't understand that.........he never stops running! They are all, "Hey Deidra did you know that your kid never stops running?" Did I know that, are you serious............Duh! Drew loved everyminute of the beach and Josh and I really loved seeing all of the family and visiting. I miss them so much and wish that I could see them more. There were some campers that made me crazy..........they were having a party at their camp............listening to 2Pac (the rapper). NIGHTMARE! So we got our kids some little 4-wheelers. I know you are you want them to die........the answer is no. We are hoping that they will be careful. Drew is still way little for his and so me or Josh have to ride on the back with him because he can't reach the brakes and he can just barely push the this is the conversation....."Mommy, you know how you telled me dat I tan't ride my 4widder by mineself until I learn to drived it." me....."Yes", Drew "well I learned how to dribe it and so you tan't ride on my 4widder anymore." I was all "what", I explained to him that just because he rode it once doesn't mean that he knows how to "dribe" it. He rolled his little naughty eyes and walked off. So I guess the 4widder will just be one more andventure for me to write to you all about. I love you and think of you often. Hope to hear from you on my comments! Love Deidra