Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Wii

Sometimes as parents you have to take a step back and say "What the H was I thinking" Don't get me wrong we are very happy that we got the wii, but it is in our thoughts, dreams, and everyday routine now! It is awsome to have something to do together as a family but seriously we loose all track of time. The day after Christmas we had Curt and Esther over and we starting playing around 1 and next thing we knew it was 6. CRAZY! Malaree was totally mad at us because we wouldn't let her play. The 4 of us were playing in my living room and at one point I hit Esther's controller with mine and broke my nail. SO I said something that I won't post because my mother reads this.....(it was just one letter, not even a word, just a letter) anywhoo the next day on my birthday everyone came over about 6 for cheescake and then we started playing the wii. Brandon's family left, mom and dad left and then all the sudden it was 5 minutes to 9. We were like what? We hadn't eaten was crazy....but last night takes the are going to think we are crazy now.....our friends Shawn and Marcy came over to hang out and we started playin the wii about 8, it seemed like a few minutes later Drew was being sassy and cranky and I looked at the clock and it was 10....oops his bedtime is 9 so we got him to bed and continued thing we knew it was 2.....oh ya you read it right 2 a.m. We last night we boxed, played golf, bowled, played baseball and drove like bats out of you know where playing Mario Kart. Pretty fun. So tonight is New Year's Eve and everyone in the family except Angie's Family is coming over....... I know that we will atleast be up until midnight....I guess we will see what happens.

Monday, December 29, 2008

My Birthday Present!

This is my awsome leather bench. I love love love it!

Sugar Cookies

Makin Sugar Cookies With Mommy!


The other day Andrew was all "look my hair turned green"! Hillarious! He is always getting into the halloween costumes!

Wicked Awsome Nails!

I think that they speak for themselves! I love and black! That is also one of my christmas presents from Josh....a beautiful CZ $11.00 ring...I wanted something cheap that looks amazing..... what do you think!

Christmas Day!

I always like to take pictures of what our living room looks like Christmas Morning before the kids get up. Santa ate all of their cookies...they couldn't believe it...I said, well I can duh I made the cookies and they were good!

Christmas Eve Memories!

For Christmas Eve each year I love to go to my mom and dad and decorate cookies, watch a christmas movie and exchange gifts. We decided to all meet at 6 and have dinner. Dad preped and cooked and did an amazing job on the food.

It was so yummy....he made christmas cake, and ham and turkey, we had rolls, and I brought some sugar cookies and the stuff to decorate them. There was lots of other treats too like pumkin pie etc.

We have a cute video of Shailey laughing for those who don't know she is Brandon and Sabrina's baby girl she is about 1 and 1/2. She is such a sweet little girl. She loves everyone and, well they are just really lucky to have such a good little girl! I know there is alot of back ground noise but her laugh is just so cute.

Some of us got into our new christmas jammies and watch Fred Clause, other's decorated Sugar Cookies to leave for Santa. I think that everyone had a really great time. The party ended around 10 and then we (my family) headed to bennington to look at all of the christmas lights...then it was home to bed.....I am rude and forgot to take a pic of Jentz and JosLynn all tucked in their beds with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads but I did get one of Andrew......

It Turned Out to Be a really great night. I love Christmas Eve for some reason it is my favorite day....there is still excitement, and you get to open a few presents, but you get to do all of the christmasy stuff that I love. One of the neatest things that my family does that we have a beautiful red box that gets passed around year to year. This is the fourth year we have been doing it. My husband recieved it this year and he was so touched. You see when someone goes through a trial and they pull through or when they have really set their mind to something and achieved that goal....or when they have been especially kind, well these are some of the many reasons they would recieve the box. My dad got it last year because of how hard he fought to not let the cancer take him from this year my Josh got it for being so helpful to my parents. I am sorry if that makes me so proud.....but it does and it is true. Josh truely loves my parents and is more than willing to help them with anything that they need. I think in a world that make so many feel unappreciated for the little stuff it is so nice to get recognized for what we do for others. Josh said it was the best gift that he had ever got for Christmas, plus dad threw in a remote control car that Josh races with Drew's remote everyday and he things that is really awsome....because he really wanted one....I laughed and asked why it wasn't on his list.....but those are the kinds of things that I look forward to at Christmas time. I love to give presents and see the joy and happiness in their faces as they open their suprise. I tend to go over board especially with my own family......I guess it is just in my nature to give. I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas. Oh and I almost forgot.....the best gift I got this year was this.......

This is a sucker tree. When I was a little girl there was a kind man that lived in Bennington named Ben Bunderson and he made sucker trees for everyone in Bennington. So he brought the trees with a sack of suckers, then the next year he brought a sack of suckers and for many years as long as I can remember until he got to old to do it he would bring a bag of suckers for our sucker tree. So my dad made me a sucker tree.... I was so excited, I couldn't believe it and this....THIS is the best Christmas present that I have ever gotten. Thanks dad....I love it and I love you!

Monday, December 8, 2008

What a Week!

So, "Christmas Time is my Favorite time".....I sing that most days and Josh of course rolls his eyes at me. Drew was a really big help decorating the christmas tree. I am sure you are thinking WOW that looks amazing.....well don't be fooled it doesn't stay the same.....each and every day atleast 300 times Drew finds a new way that the decorations should go. It now has candy canes on it also. When I told him he could put them on I was doing the dishes, when I came in to see.....he had 7 candy canes on one branch....I laughed so hard. He is such a funny kid. This is my new tree I got on clearance last year the day after christmas for 60.00. It is a 400.00 tree so I was really excited and I love it. Josh has been pretty verbal about how not having a "real" tree is ruining his life......I think he will get over it....I hope for my sanity! I will have to take more pics of it when the lights are on. I am glad that Drew does not try to trash the tree he just moves things around. He is really good about being careful with things or not touching things if I tell him they are a "decoration".

Our tradition is to decorate the tree on Friday after Thanksgiving and things were just to hectic so we ended up doing it on Monday night. We turn on Christmas music and it is just way fun. Jentz and JosLynn missed out this year and I feel bad about that, but hopefully they will be here next year.

So our next amazing adventure was "The Sickness" here are Josh and Drew getting some zzzzz's trying to fight off this evil bug called the Flu. I don't think they had the real flu because they weren't throwing up but they were aching and had sore throats and coughs. Pretty misreable. The Drew got pink eye and its gone now but, now I have pink both eyes.....AMAZING! So they are better and I am on the mend trying to get well. Josh and Drew went to work and day care today and so I can get some rest....I hope that I can.
I hope that everyone is having a great holiday season. Christmas is my favorite. I save money all year round to spoil our kids and my hubby. I love you all and will post again soon.