Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Wii

Sometimes as parents you have to take a step back and say "What the H was I thinking" Don't get me wrong we are very happy that we got the wii, but it is in our thoughts, dreams, and everyday routine now! It is awsome to have something to do together as a family but seriously we loose all track of time. The day after Christmas we had Curt and Esther over and we starting playing around 1 and next thing we knew it was 6. CRAZY! Malaree was totally mad at us because we wouldn't let her play. The 4 of us were playing in my living room and at one point I hit Esther's controller with mine and broke my nail. SO I said something that I won't post because my mother reads this.....(it was just one letter, not even a word, just a letter) anywhoo the next day on my birthday everyone came over about 6 for cheescake and then we started playing the wii. Brandon's family left, mom and dad left and then all the sudden it was 5 minutes to 9. We were like what? We hadn't eaten was crazy....but last night takes the are going to think we are crazy now.....our friends Shawn and Marcy came over to hang out and we started playin the wii about 8, it seemed like a few minutes later Drew was being sassy and cranky and I looked at the clock and it was 10....oops his bedtime is 9 so we got him to bed and continued thing we knew it was 2.....oh ya you read it right 2 a.m. We last night we boxed, played golf, bowled, played baseball and drove like bats out of you know where playing Mario Kart. Pretty fun. So tonight is New Year's Eve and everyone in the family except Angie's Family is coming over....... I know that we will atleast be up until midnight....I guess we will see what happens.

Monday, December 29, 2008

My Birthday Present!

This is my awsome leather bench. I love love love it!

Sugar Cookies

Makin Sugar Cookies With Mommy!


The other day Andrew was all "look my hair turned green"! Hillarious! He is always getting into the halloween costumes!

Wicked Awsome Nails!

I think that they speak for themselves! I love and black! That is also one of my christmas presents from Josh....a beautiful CZ $11.00 ring...I wanted something cheap that looks amazing..... what do you think!

Christmas Day!

I always like to take pictures of what our living room looks like Christmas Morning before the kids get up. Santa ate all of their cookies...they couldn't believe it...I said, well I can duh I made the cookies and they were good!

Christmas Eve Memories!

For Christmas Eve each year I love to go to my mom and dad and decorate cookies, watch a christmas movie and exchange gifts. We decided to all meet at 6 and have dinner. Dad preped and cooked and did an amazing job on the food.

It was so yummy....he made christmas cake, and ham and turkey, we had rolls, and I brought some sugar cookies and the stuff to decorate them. There was lots of other treats too like pumkin pie etc.

We have a cute video of Shailey laughing for those who don't know she is Brandon and Sabrina's baby girl she is about 1 and 1/2. She is such a sweet little girl. She loves everyone and, well they are just really lucky to have such a good little girl! I know there is alot of back ground noise but her laugh is just so cute.

Some of us got into our new christmas jammies and watch Fred Clause, other's decorated Sugar Cookies to leave for Santa. I think that everyone had a really great time. The party ended around 10 and then we (my family) headed to bennington to look at all of the christmas lights...then it was home to bed.....I am rude and forgot to take a pic of Jentz and JosLynn all tucked in their beds with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads but I did get one of Andrew......

It Turned Out to Be a really great night. I love Christmas Eve for some reason it is my favorite day....there is still excitement, and you get to open a few presents, but you get to do all of the christmasy stuff that I love. One of the neatest things that my family does that we have a beautiful red box that gets passed around year to year. This is the fourth year we have been doing it. My husband recieved it this year and he was so touched. You see when someone goes through a trial and they pull through or when they have really set their mind to something and achieved that goal....or when they have been especially kind, well these are some of the many reasons they would recieve the box. My dad got it last year because of how hard he fought to not let the cancer take him from this year my Josh got it for being so helpful to my parents. I am sorry if that makes me so proud.....but it does and it is true. Josh truely loves my parents and is more than willing to help them with anything that they need. I think in a world that make so many feel unappreciated for the little stuff it is so nice to get recognized for what we do for others. Josh said it was the best gift that he had ever got for Christmas, plus dad threw in a remote control car that Josh races with Drew's remote everyday and he things that is really awsome....because he really wanted one....I laughed and asked why it wasn't on his list.....but those are the kinds of things that I look forward to at Christmas time. I love to give presents and see the joy and happiness in their faces as they open their suprise. I tend to go over board especially with my own family......I guess it is just in my nature to give. I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas. Oh and I almost forgot.....the best gift I got this year was this.......

This is a sucker tree. When I was a little girl there was a kind man that lived in Bennington named Ben Bunderson and he made sucker trees for everyone in Bennington. So he brought the trees with a sack of suckers, then the next year he brought a sack of suckers and for many years as long as I can remember until he got to old to do it he would bring a bag of suckers for our sucker tree. So my dad made me a sucker tree.... I was so excited, I couldn't believe it and this....THIS is the best Christmas present that I have ever gotten. Thanks dad....I love it and I love you!

Monday, December 8, 2008

What a Week!

So, "Christmas Time is my Favorite time".....I sing that most days and Josh of course rolls his eyes at me. Drew was a really big help decorating the christmas tree. I am sure you are thinking WOW that looks amazing.....well don't be fooled it doesn't stay the same.....each and every day atleast 300 times Drew finds a new way that the decorations should go. It now has candy canes on it also. When I told him he could put them on I was doing the dishes, when I came in to see.....he had 7 candy canes on one branch....I laughed so hard. He is such a funny kid. This is my new tree I got on clearance last year the day after christmas for 60.00. It is a 400.00 tree so I was really excited and I love it. Josh has been pretty verbal about how not having a "real" tree is ruining his life......I think he will get over it....I hope for my sanity! I will have to take more pics of it when the lights are on. I am glad that Drew does not try to trash the tree he just moves things around. He is really good about being careful with things or not touching things if I tell him they are a "decoration".

Our tradition is to decorate the tree on Friday after Thanksgiving and things were just to hectic so we ended up doing it on Monday night. We turn on Christmas music and it is just way fun. Jentz and JosLynn missed out this year and I feel bad about that, but hopefully they will be here next year.

So our next amazing adventure was "The Sickness" here are Josh and Drew getting some zzzzz's trying to fight off this evil bug called the Flu. I don't think they had the real flu because they weren't throwing up but they were aching and had sore throats and coughs. Pretty misreable. The Drew got pink eye and its gone now but, now I have pink both eyes.....AMAZING! So they are better and I am on the mend trying to get well. Josh and Drew went to work and day care today and so I can get some rest....I hope that I can.
I hope that everyone is having a great holiday season. Christmas is my favorite. I save money all year round to spoil our kids and my hubby. I love you all and will post again soon.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am a dirtbag!

So I am really good at this blog thing! Yeah right~! Well, updates.......Drew is in Preschool at the Snuggle Bunny Academy and he is in day care 2 days a week at Sherri's Daycare. He loves them both but it is hard to get him motivated in the mornings. He has a hard time understanding why he can't just go whenever he wants, instead of set days. His halloween party is tomorrow and he is going to be a spider again this year. Congrats to all the parents out there who have kids that want to dress up. He doesn't want to. I took him to look at costumes and everyone he said "It is cute, but I don't like to dress up mom. I already told you 3 times." He says that about everything....I already told you 3 times.

He also says "I didn't do it!" I was tell my sister today that last night I smelled smoke and went into his bedroom and he had been playing with two of my hair brushes and put them on his lamp and they were melting and smoking. I, of course, screamed and then said Drew why would you do that. And he got this weird face and said, "I didn't do it, maybe it was you or dad." I said uh, me and dad wouldn't try to melt my brushes. Why did you do that, and he said "because I did" then he said sorry, then he had 5000 questions about why the bulb was black and where was I taking his lamp and what was that smell. He then said, "why didn't you want me to start a fire mom," I said becuase then there would be a fire. He said, " Mommy da fire man says STOP DROP ROLL if there is a fire and it is going to burn you up." So, preschool is paying off, just kidding they are wonderful but he is such a smart kid. I have a strong suspision that he will also be a smart elic but that is good as long as he is respectful right. In our family we love to laugh and he keeps us rolling in it. His new thing is that he loves to ride his (imaginary) motorcycle and he makes me say red light green light. That doesn't ever get old! But I do it. He loves it when his brother and sister come over, he loves playing with kids. That is most of the reason I send him to the daycare is so that he can learn to share and play, and mostly play play play. Since I work at home it is hard to balance it all. I always feel bad when I am working with him here because he gets so bored. So it has been a great thing for me and him. We have both been sick this week and so that has been hard. We have been together like 2 peas in a crowded, sneezing, coughing, annoying pod since thursday with no breaks from each other except for tuesday when he went to school for 3 hours. 3 hours, it seems like a long time.......but it just flys by. You other mothers know what I am talkin about! Hello my name is Deidra and I am a TVaholic! That is right, I am addicted! I love tv and I can't get enough of it. I have been doing better, see I am writing on the blog, finding other things to do.........I just thought that I would get it out in the open.........And the most exciting news of my like is that I got a dishwasher today. I thought that I was getting one February 14th of 04 when I married Josh, ha ha, just kidding honey! We haven't had a dishwasher since we have been married and I am just getting sick of it. I don't want to cook, I just want a dishwasher. It became almost a swear word. DISHWASHER! So it was delivered today and I am just waiting for Josh to get home to help me get it going! I am pretty dang proud of my hubby, he works hard. I always sing him the song "he works hard for the money, so hard for it honey, he works hard for the money so you better treat him right." I know that it is her instead of him and it is about a prostitute, so it is not the same thing, but it makes him smile and at the end of the day.............that is all that really matters!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dr. Timidy

Well our little man has cavitites.....I know, you are thinking "what kind of mother are you!" Well, not a whole lot I can do, wait I could brush his teeth! I am kidding I do brush his teeth........give me a break guys! Anyway so we had the initial visit where he got to ride in the chair and they looked at his teeth. We have taken Chris in the past and all Drew has been talking about is going to the dentist and getting one of those bags with the toothbrush and I tried to explain to him that they cost over $100.00 and he doesn't believe me. Since Josh and I started working for ourselves we X'd the dental insurance. OUT OF POCKET! So it was his turn to go to get a cavity filled. On the way to town he asked me, "mom, do you think the dentist knows what hims doing?" I naturally (well because I do) said yes I do believe that he knows what he is doing. "So mom, he is duna pix mine cabities?" Yes I told him and everything will be fine. Oh, I better back up to the part where I had to give him medicine an hour before, I took half of the popscicle out of an orange popscicle (cause the medicine was orange) and filled it up and then told him that the popscicle was melting and he better hurry and suck out the jiuce. So, I had a drink ready, and when he sucked that down the gaging and the screaming and the spitting began and I had him take a drink and he said, "mommy, dat was furcusting!" I am pretty worried about the next medication trickery that I will have to come up with. So he goes into the dentist and he did really good and when he was done he came out and said, "Mom Dr. Timidy is mine best friend!" For those of you who don't know his name is really Dr. Timothy, but we love how he says Timidy and he talks about him all the time. I am hoping that he won't have to spend a lot of quality time with Dr. Timidy $$$$$$$ but I am glad that he had a good experience and isn't scared. We are in the process of buying our 3rd investment home to flip. Life is busy and I complain a lot.........I know right, you are like "you, compalin, never!" Sorry friends that was a thing on the past. I complain, because I hurt! I hate it! The other cute thing that I wanted to share is that there is a phrase that Drew says all the time when he gets mad and doesn't want to do what we ask he yells, "Noooo, Neverrrrr!" It is a scream! He is too funny. He loves camping and outdoors. I am so greatful that he is happy and healthy! Love to all, Deidra
See I have brused his teeth since he was just little!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 2008

Well the new month has started. Only like 19 days until school starts. CRAZY! Drew will be starting Pre-School and he is pretty excited. I am really hoping that he will go and like it. He gets so nervous around other kids and especially when there are alot of people, he gets scared. We were looking through some pictures tonight and we came accross this one. Christmas of 2006. He was 1 and 1/2. I remember that I was telling him that he was going to get presents and these are the faces that he pulled............


He is just so cute. I know that it was along time ago, but it is always fun to look back.
I found out this week that I have fibromyalgia. I was pretty upset at first because for the last 5 months I have been trying to get off of all Rx meds and use herbal vitamins and now I have another prescription. I hurt all of the time and am tired all of the time. It was a really sad reality for me to face at age 27............I am getting old........not appreciated! Anyway everyone hang in there, because I know that we all have our own trials.
Love, Deidra

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Summer Adventures

These are a few of the fun things that we have done this summer................

So I was really scared, my heart was beating, I am sure that Josh was scared since he was on there with him, but everyone lived and Drew had a blast. Most of my days start out with Drew staring at me until I opn my eyes and then he says mom it is time to wake bout I dribe my 4 widder!

Other summer fun included Fishing With Uncle Curt & then later with Dallas, Miranda, Baylee & Morgon...........

Just sittin in my cool chair waiting on a bite~

Me, Dallas, Miranda and Morgon!

I caught a fish!!!!!! Okay Dad helped....just a little bit though!
We we have another campout this weekend................With my brother's and sister and mom and dad. I am excited and hope that we all have a good time. I will let you know..........

Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Little Dirt Ball

Hi there, It has been a really long time since I put up a post. We have been really busy with all of the fun things that summer time has to offer. Camping! I say it with an exclamation point needs one! I think that BC (before children) I really did love camping. I feel like I am getting old and everything is just a hassel. Josh thinks that it is AWSOME! I'm all "whatev". So we have been doing a lot of camping. This is Drew on his "motorbikecycle" his words.........I know, so cute! Anyway he takes it everywhere and is trying really hard to learn how to peddle. We went camping over to the lake this weekend with the Baker heathens and that was really fun. The funny part for me was that everyone noticed the my child is like the energizer bunny on steroids drinking a rock star and never taking a break. For those of you that didn't understand that.........he never stops running! They are all, "Hey Deidra did you know that your kid never stops running?" Did I know that, are you serious............Duh! Drew loved everyminute of the beach and Josh and I really loved seeing all of the family and visiting. I miss them so much and wish that I could see them more. There were some campers that made me crazy..........they were having a party at their camp............listening to 2Pac (the rapper). NIGHTMARE! So we got our kids some little 4-wheelers. I know you are you want them to die........the answer is no. We are hoping that they will be careful. Drew is still way little for his and so me or Josh have to ride on the back with him because he can't reach the brakes and he can just barely push the this is the conversation....."Mommy, you know how you telled me dat I tan't ride my 4widder by mineself until I learn to drived it." me....."Yes", Drew "well I learned how to dribe it and so you tan't ride on my 4widder anymore." I was all "what", I explained to him that just because he rode it once doesn't mean that he knows how to "dribe" it. He rolled his little naughty eyes and walked off. So I guess the 4widder will just be one more andventure for me to write to you all about. I love you and think of you often. Hope to hear from you on my comments! Love Deidra

Friday, May 23, 2008

American Idol

So just FYI we were very excited about the American Idol out come. I wanted David Cook to win and when he did I screamed and jumped up and did a cheer leader kick. For those of you that don't know, that is what I do when I get excited.....the cheer leader kick.....I think it is hillarious and I usually get the EYE ROLL from Josh. He rolls his eyes at me a lot. So last night I was finishing up about 90 loads of laundry and Josh and I were foldog them and putting them away when Drew spotted the black phone in our room. For those of you that don't know Grandpa Jack had a rotery phone and it is in our room. So Drew picks it up and says, "Hewo, Dabid Cook, I love you singing." It was so cute. We started laughing so hard, it was a close peeing your pant call. In other words we almost peed our pants. So we have found that the days of watching inapropriate shows around Drew are over. He will say, "Yook (look)at dat Yady(lady), she is bleeding blood on the floor." So unless I want to raise a serial killer I better not watch the Law and Order in front of him anymore. There are times when I can get him down stairs to play, but he is convinced that there is monsters down there. He also thinks that there is a monster in his room. I told him just to talk to the monster and see what he was doing. But Drew said, "dat monster won't talk to me mom, I not know what his problem is." He has also started this thing of when he is talking to me or Josh and we don't answer him, he yells "hey talk to me". He is so smart he is recognizing numbers and letters. His pre-school with GrammaNeta is really helping him. He calls my mom Gramma and Josh's mom GrammaNeta. It is one word. He is funny. He likes to be naked, like all other children. CRAZY! Josh is doing really well with his business and he is really happy. So everything is great with us. We are getting ready to go back to school in June for a week. Love you all. Deidra

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

So I have discovered that being a mom is one of the hardest and easiest jobs on earth. This is my little boy 5 days after he was born. He looks like an angel sent to me. I loved the first year and a half of his life. He was such a good baby, happy and healthy and just a then.....the attitude started and it hasn't gone away and to be honest I am sure that it will now. So that is the hard part about mother hood for me is now my kisses are yuky! WHAT! I know, right! RUDE! And he wants DAD to do everything with him, get up with him when he is sick, play with him. It kinda breaks my heart a little everyday. Everyone says have another one, and I say WHAT, the fist one doesn't even like me. But oh, I love that little boy. My hope is that someday I can be as good of a mom as my mom. She is everything that I could ever hope to be. Drew is a pretty funny kid, he puts everyone in time out when they are naughty. He talks alot and possibly maybe to much sometimes. So he will be 3 in August and I can't believe it. My baby is growing up so fast. So this is him last summer catching his first fish. CRAZY! Anway I guess I better get going. Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

See Ya!

Well, Josh and I are off to the big city of Pheonix for some fun in the sun, see my Kymmy and real estate classes. We are very excited but scared, well I am scared because this will be my first time away from my Drew and I am going to fly....fist time flying and I am pretty scared. We leave Sunday morning and will be home late Wednesday night. But I hope that all will be well. So I will talk to you guys later. Have a great week!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Well Saturday JosLynn went to her dance competition where she does a solo performance and yesterday she won QUEEN. She got a tierra and plaque and she was just so excited and we are so proud of her. The first few competitions that she went to she came home saying that she wants to be queen so bad, and she set her goal and did it! We are so proud of you JosLynn!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Kandy is a Mommy

Kandy (Cleveland) and Nate Breinholt had a little boy on Friday March 28th. He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! Check out her blog at

Sunday, March 30, 2008

2 Year olds....gotta love 'em

So last night Josh was asking me if I could find his photo abulms of his fishing trips so that he could take them to work to show a friend. I went and got them and when I brought them in we all started looking at them The laughter began because I think it is so funny that Josh used to look like a nightmare with his long hair and beards and mountain man pictures. He thinks that they are AWSOME by the way....anyway I said, "Josh I bet Drew wouldn't even know who you are". Josh said "Well, ask him." So this is the picture that I chose and said, "Drew who is this?" He gave me a confused look and said "Jesus!" We started laughing so hard, I thought that I was going to pee my pants. For the rest of the night Drew would tell us about how he saw Jesus Pishing (fishing). Seriously, Drew just ran in the computer room right now and said "Yook mommy Jesus catchin a pish!" What a kid!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Color

Take this test!
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Drew's New Room

So I did it, finally it is done and it looks great. I painted Drew's room chocolate and blue. It is very Sheek, just kidding. I think that it is pretty nice and he "Yikes" it too. He has been sleeping in his big boy bed but still has to fall asleep first on the couch. As soon as Josh doesn't have to work nights anymore (after Apirl 8th) then we can get a bed time routine started and take turns putting him to bed. I am way excited about that. We had a good Easter. Josh had to work nights (of course) and so Drew and I got up and went to sacrament meeting. He was really good. He folds his arms during the prayer and closes his eyes. There are days that he makes me proud. He started insisting that we go home, he was hot and he said that he didn't fill good. Since I knew that the afternoon was filled with activities I took him home in hopes that he could get in a nap. Yeah right, no nap for him. Naughty! At 12:45 we woke up Josh and got ready to go to mom's for dinner. For Easter we each got a new beach towel and I embroydered our names on them. Josh and Jentz got lime green stripped ones with their name in purple and Drew got a Thomas the train one, JosLynn and I got towels with flowers and butterflies on them. I also put a dolphin on mine, because I love dolphins. Drew had been packing Josh's towel around since he woke up and was very excited to give daddy his towel when we woke him up. At mom's we had a family prayer in the living room and then sat us to a wonderful ham and scalloped potatoes meal with buttermilk rolls and jello, apple sauce, etc. Dad make English Triffel and mom made cheese cake. Everyone was excited because Triffel is Curtis, Esther, JOsh, dad, and mom's favorite dessert and the cheese cake is mine, Brandon and Sabrina's favorite. Then after dinner dad took the grandkids down stairs to see his train city. It was the first time some of them got to see it. Esther, Sabrina and I hid easter eggs, and mom put the food away. So when all the kids came up stairs we had them hunt and it was really cute. Everytime that Drew got one he yelled "I got it" and then he would move on to the next one. After we tallied up all the eggs then Christopher and Brody who had the most got to pick a game and they chose the train game (looking at g-pa's trains) again and so everyone who wanted to went back down stairs. Through out the day when Drew would open an egg to see what was inside he would yell, "yook mommy I won suppin". It was so cute. Jentz and JosLynn stopped on their way to a family dinner and gave us hugs and got their towels. I think that they had a pretty fun easter too. So that is about all that is going on with us.

This is lil miss Shailey Dawn Baker

Look how good dad looks!

He is sure starting to feel alot better and that makes us all really happy. Anyway Josh is getting ready to get up in a few minutes and he has 2 and a half days off. Lots to do and so little time.
Love to all,

Monday, March 10, 2008


That is me, I am a looser. I have not posted a comment in so long.............and I haven't painted Drew's room yet..................and we haven't put his bed together yet............I know, I am a looser. 2 year olds are the busiest people on the planet. I'll be honest, I am scared of opening the can of paint. He wants to do everything that everyone is doing. I think I will have to wait to paint his room until I can get him out of the house for a few hours......any volunteers? Anyway, so not much here is new with us. Josh got a decal on the back window of the you want to see it? Okay here it is

Yes we are going into the roofing and siding business. He is still working for Agrium. He loves elk, incase you can't tell.

This is one of my favorite pictures. It is me and my brother Curtis when we were really little. We have always been pretty close.

This is me and him in San Diego when he was in the Navy..........those were the days!

Anyway just thought that I would check in and say hi. My little man is as busy as ever.

I am excited about the new venture that we are taking in our business. We sure hope that it will be a success.

Okay just one more favorite........................

Drew and Great Grandpa Jack!

J.A.Q. (jack) Get it!
Joshua Andrew Quintero

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Todays Challenge

Well, it is the time that all of us parents dread.......The Transfer......from the crib to the "big boy bed". Drew has been very stern with us. He siad, "Mom, I not want a big boy bed, I not yike it." I told him that how can he knows that he doesn't like it when he hasn't even seen it. His answer was "because I not yike it like that." Have I mentioned that I love the way that he talks. He starts every sentence with "because I" and he says it really fast. He makes me laugh. Anyway so I am going to get rid of all the baby stuff today. Out with the old and in with the new right! I guess we will just see if I get any sleep tonight~

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ahhh Valentine's Day

Today Josh and I celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary. He is working, but he got me some flowers yesterday. What a sweet heart. We always get each other a nice card so he spoiled me with the flowers. We have had a quite unwelcome visitor at our house....the FLU BUG! What a Jerk. He thinks that he can just come on in, unpack his bags and have us prayin to the porcilin god at his request. I think he is just about through torchering us and is moving on. We have been very blessed this year. We sold our investment property, Josh is starting a roofing and siding business, and the kids are happy and healthy. I wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day! We had a great Prime Rib dinner, Drew was our special guest who said it was "Leshous". He is such a silly little boy. He told me "I yike you and daddy's anibersary". I said so do I!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dad tant go pishing?

Yesterday morning Josh got up bright and early to go ice fishing with Dallas and he was trying to be very quiet so he didn't wake up Drew. I was in bed trying to sleep when I heard the little man start talking. He was saying "Hewo, I hear suppin, I hear suppin out der." I kinda laughed to myself hoping that he would go back to sleep. Then he said, "Mom, dad who is out der, I tan hear you, get me peas peas peas!" So I got up and went into his room. He asked where is my dad and I said that he was outside getting ready to go fishing. "Pishing?" he said with a funny look on his face. "Oh, no mom dad tant go pishing." So when Josh came in the house he was glad to see him so he could say good bye but we feared that he would be very upset when daddy left so Josh told him that he was going fishing but in the summer he would take him fishing when it wasn't so cold outside. Drew said, "Dad I tant believe it, I tant believe that you are going to go pishing." He also reminded Josh that he was also going to fix him trampoline in the summer too so he could go jump jump jump. I asked Drew if he had to go potty to let Josh get out the door and he said yes. So Josh left while we were in the bathroom, and all of the things that Drew told me made me so happy that he has been listening. He said, "Mom big boys don't play in the toilet water, its scusting." And, "Mom big boys go pee in the potty not in the training pants huh." I am really proud of him. He is doing great with potty training. I haven't changed a poopy diaper in a few weeks. YEAH! He is such a good little boy!

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Backyardagains

I just have to tell you all that Drew's favorite "Show" is the Backyardagains. He calls it the backagains and would watch it all day if I let him. He calls it "My Show" it is so cute. When the cartoon comes on he sing along with the songs and dances then he touches the tv and says who each character is. There is Problem (pablo), Niqua (uniqua), Tausha, Autin (Austin), and Tywone (Tyrone). His favorite episode is the secret spy mission. He sings stuper spy, and e walks around the house whispering that he has a secret and so we call him secret agent Drew, and he giggles. What a kid!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hey Melinda

We miss you and Love you.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Krabby Patties

Last night for dinner we were making pancakes and eggs and Drew wanted to see. So he stood on a chair and watched as I cooked them. Pretty soon he said, "Mom deese are donna be dood Krabby Patties." For those of you who don't know what a krabby patty is--it is off of the cartoon Sponge Bob Square Pants. We thought it was really cute for him to say that and so we went along with it and ate Krabby Patties and Barnicles (pancakes and eggs) for dinner!

Taking a Bath

So, here I sit in my office making calls and getting business taken care of when I hear the bathroom door open and then close. So as I am getting up to see what the little man Drew is up to when I hear the bath tub turn on. I went to open the door and it was locked. I said "Drew what are you doing"? He said, " Uh mommy I'n takin a bass". I said, "Unlock the door please." He said, "Uh I tant mommy tus I not need your help." So I went and got the knife to open the door. Whne I got in the bathroom he looked at me with a sassy look and said, "Mom I taked a bass before, leave me alone peas, let me have a privitsey peas." I said, "Oh honey I know that you have taken a bath before but you do need help getting it started. Then he said, " I tan do it myself, I'n two you know." I couldn't help but laugh. I told him that he can not lock the door again. He said sorry and then I came in here to write this. so while I have been writting I have also been bossed around. Get this toy get that one. Finally I heard him said "otay I'n all done". So I got him out of the bath and went into his room to dry him off and lotion him up. I put the lotion on and put his training pants on, then I made the horrible mistake of getting his comfy sweat pants out of the drawer because what was underneath of them is just unspeakable. Just kidding. What was under them were his pj's that have spiders all over them. So here comes the girly scream, "AAAHHHH Spiders, mommy der is spiders in my drawer." So I took them out and reminded him that they were his pj's and he clung to me saying, "I no yike spiders mom, dey are dicusting, get it away." So I put them back in the drawer under the rest of his pj's and started to put his pants on. He said this to me......"Mom I can't believe you did dat to me cause you gived me a tartitak." I can only assume that he meant heart attack. I started laughing so hard. He said "I know mom I funny I know, why you yaugh yike that mom, cause I funny mom, I know." So after his shirt was on and I set him down because he was all dressed just before we left his room he turned to me and said, "mom tan I wear the spider pjs to bed tonight?" I said , "sure if that is what you want to wear." So for those of you who have had 2 year olds or do have them you understand why most of the day I am confused about what I am supposed to do and not supposed to do. Each day is a new adventure. Today is especially cute because he has a stuffy nose so everything that he says sounds even that more cute.
Have a great day.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Child is CRAZY!

So it has been freezing cold here. Below zero! And so the pipes that go to my kitchen sink are frozen. We had some dishes that needed to be done so I starting washing them in the bathtub. Drew was watching Dora, counting in (it is hillarious and cute) while I was doing the dishes. When he heard water running (I was almost done) he came running into the bathroom and put his little hands on his hips and said....."Mom you know that you are not possed to put stuff in the bath tub, do you understand me, You make me mad like that when you put stuff in the bathtub, do you hear me mom, do you understand that now I have to spank you, I don't want to but you are being very very naughty like that." So after he took a breath I told him that I was sorry that I put stuff in the tub but the kitchen sink focet was frozen and I had to wash the dishes. He said " I can't believe it, I can't believe what you are saying to me right now like that." Then he went on to tell me again how naughty that I was for doing that. He said, "You make me nervous when you do things like that." So I told him that I would try to hurry and get the dishes done so that I could clean out the tub. He said, "Mom I NEED to take a bath pease pease peas peas!!! So I hurried and got the tub cleaned out all the while his sitting on the side lines telling me that he couldn't believe what a mess I was making and that I was going to clean it up, and did I understand. NIGHTMARE! So I guess that he really does listen to all the things I say to him, he repeats them back. He is getting so big so fast. He is almost potty trained. Today he has gone every time in the potty. So wish me luck on that new fun exciting hectick messy adventure!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Drew & Sugar Cookies

This year just before Christmas I decided to make some sugar cookies. Josh took Jentz and JosLynn to the store to finish up their christmas shopping for the family. Drew decided that he wanted to help me make the cookings. So I have him his own dough and a roller to roll it out. But seriously 2 year olds are not satisfied until they have what you have. So I DID let him use my marble rolling pin and roll out some cookies. I am really glad that I let him help me because he did do a good job and we had alot of fun together. He is my most precious gift, and I love him so much.