Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dr. Timidy

Well our little man has cavitites.....I know, you are thinking "what kind of mother are you!" Well, not a whole lot I can do, wait I could brush his teeth! I am kidding I do brush his teeth........give me a break guys! Anyway so we had the initial visit where he got to ride in the chair and they looked at his teeth. We have taken Chris in the past and all Drew has been talking about is going to the dentist and getting one of those bags with the toothbrush and I tried to explain to him that they cost over $100.00 and he doesn't believe me. Since Josh and I started working for ourselves we X'd the dental insurance. OUT OF POCKET! So it was his turn to go to get a cavity filled. On the way to town he asked me, "mom, do you think the dentist knows what hims doing?" I naturally (well because I do) said yes I do believe that he knows what he is doing. "So mom, he is duna pix mine cabities?" Yes I told him and everything will be fine. Oh, I better back up to the part where I had to give him medicine an hour before, I took half of the popscicle out of an orange popscicle (cause the medicine was orange) and filled it up and then told him that the popscicle was melting and he better hurry and suck out the jiuce. So, I had a drink ready, and when he sucked that down the gaging and the screaming and the spitting began and I had him take a drink and he said, "mommy, dat was furcusting!" I am pretty worried about the next medication trickery that I will have to come up with. So he goes into the dentist and he did really good and when he was done he came out and said, "Mom Dr. Timidy is mine best friend!" For those of you who don't know his name is really Dr. Timothy, but we love how he says Timidy and he talks about him all the time. I am hoping that he won't have to spend a lot of quality time with Dr. Timidy $$$$$$$ but I am glad that he had a good experience and isn't scared. We are in the process of buying our 3rd investment home to flip. Life is busy and I complain a lot.........I know right, you are like "you, compalin, never!" Sorry friends that was a thing on the past. I complain, because I hurt! I hate it! The other cute thing that I wanted to share is that there is a phrase that Drew says all the time when he gets mad and doesn't want to do what we ask he yells, "Noooo, Neverrrrr!" It is a scream! He is too funny. He loves camping and outdoors. I am so greatful that he is happy and healthy! Love to all, Deidra
See I have brused his teeth since he was just little!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 2008

Well the new month has started. Only like 19 days until school starts. CRAZY! Drew will be starting Pre-School and he is pretty excited. I am really hoping that he will go and like it. He gets so nervous around other kids and especially when there are alot of people, he gets scared. We were looking through some pictures tonight and we came accross this one. Christmas of 2006. He was 1 and 1/2. I remember that I was telling him that he was going to get presents and these are the faces that he pulled............


He is just so cute. I know that it was along time ago, but it is always fun to look back.
I found out this week that I have fibromyalgia. I was pretty upset at first because for the last 5 months I have been trying to get off of all Rx meds and use herbal vitamins and now I have another prescription. I hurt all of the time and am tired all of the time. It was a really sad reality for me to face at age 27............I am getting old........not appreciated! Anyway everyone hang in there, because I know that we all have our own trials.
Love, Deidra