Monday, November 30, 2009

So this is it....our new family picture!

So it is not a good plan to..... wait until November 27th to take family pictures because it is to cold! For some crazy reason Jentz thought it would be a good plan to close his eyes on every picture. This is the only one where he has his eyes close to open. Oh well....this is us....I look like I have a spare tire....sweet.....but there is a baby in there! I will have to put some of the different poses on another day. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's a girl!!!!

These pictures of Andrew are what are getting me through each day. When I was pregnant with him and so misrable everyone would say "oh it is so worth it" blah blah they were right woopidy do......he was worth it. But let's face it people it doesn't make pregnancy any easier.

I feel blessed that I am able to have children because I know that there are some that can't and I feel for them! There are good things like feeling the baby m0ve and kick.....but pregnancy is gross!
I feel so gross all the time it is weird! Josh and I are really excited to have another baby in the house....our baby is 4 after all. He is kinda excited to be having a sister. I know that he had his heart set on a brother. But he has always been good to play with boys and girls so I don't think we willhave a problem. I just got home from my friend Trisha's baby shower she is having a girl at the end of this month. 23 days to be exact and she is looking so cute and ready to be done with her pregnancy! Last time her and I were pregnant at the same time too and we had boys together and now we get to have girls together so that is so much fun. We are such good friends and our boys Andrew and Dawson are good we hope that our girls will be good friends too! I have a ton of fabric that is girly that I haven't been able to use because I never had a girl baby to make something cute. I am excited to finally be able to use the fabric because I am finally getting my girl! I think it has taken a few days for it to sink in. I already love her, I just wished that it was april already so that I can see her. I do hate being pregnant but Josh and I tried for so long to get another baby and all I really care about is that she is healthy......her being a girl is just a bonus! We are thinking of naming her Jordynn or Preslee.... I guess we will have to see her. I lost my camera at camp this september and so another one is on it's way. Hopefully I will get pics on here soon of what we have been up to. Love to all!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baby On The Way!

It is true......we have a baby on the way. I am due April 8th 2010 and have been so sick that I have been sure that I might die! We have been trying to have a baby for a few years now so there was a lot of laughing the day the test actually turned positive. Andrew, Jentz and JosLynn are really excited. JosLynn wants a girl.....I don't know what Jentz wants.......Andrew wants a boy but always follows that with but if it is a girl that will be ok. He thinks it is a girl, so he is trying to be prepared I guess. We have been at bow camp all month and that has had it's ups and downs. It has been really hard to be so sick but I am pushing through it the best I can. Today Andrew starts his 2nd year of preschool and he is really excited. I will write more when I have time. 10 weeks down 30 to go.......ugh!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lab Puppies For Sale

My brother Brandon and his wife Sabrina have puppies for sale. They have Chocolates and Silvers. So cute...check out their blog by either clicking on the pictures of the puppies on my blog or go to

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Looking for help

Hey everyone who loves me....I am wondering if you know of any fairs, craft fairs etc. that I could rent a booth and sell corn bags at. Any info would be appreciated! Love to all--Deid

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pay it Forward

I stole this idea from Mandi.......I think it is a great idea! Love ya---

Here is how it works-the 1st 3 people to leave a comment on this post will receive at some point during this year a handmade gift from me. If you don't live by me leave me your address. What it will be and when it will arrive is a total surprise! The catch is that you must participate as well. Before you leave your comment here write up a pay it forward post on your blog to keep the fun going( or cut and one will judge you, cause that is what I did). Then come back and let me know you are going to play, and sit back and anticipate the arrival of your gift. Remember only the 1st 3 will qualify. Good Luck!!!

Things are looking up!

Well everyone I am out of my slump. I am pretty nervous to find out the results of my test tomorrow! I don't want to have either thing.......but what ever happens I have decided that I am going to be okay! Our dog had to have surgery again today and now has to wear a white bucket on his head. Andrew is so funny when we went today to pick him up Echo our dog was laying in the kennel at the vets and I called his name trying to get him to get up and Andrew said, "Mom that is not our dog....Echo doesn't have a white head." What a kid. He is too funny! I am pretty sure that Echo is going to have hate us for the next 10 days but this is what we just should have done in the first place, as far as the bucket goes because when he is with us he is fine but when he is alone he rips off all of his bandages~ Too bad we already love him right! The weather is B E A utiful! It has been so nice to be outside and not freeze and not have to deal with mud and slush! Me and Curt went to Pocatello today and while he was in a meeting I went to Winco and got some food! So we finally have food again......Robert and LaNeta are back which is so nice because we miss them so much when they are gone. They even had Drew come out until Josh got off work so I could just got o Pocatello. It was so nice...thanks a million you guys. Anyway make sure to check out my little note on the side about my friend Tony Litster! Love to All!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

When life was good!

February 14, 2008 was a pretty good day. That was our 4 year wedding anniversary! I was just looking through some pics reminicin' about the days when life wasn't so stressfull and we were so happy.
We have been pretty busy trying to get loose ends tied up on jobs......but no such luck still. We did get a new dog Echo who got injured, had to have surgery and has have his bandange changed daily....but usually 3 times because he keeps tearing it out. I went to my friend Trisha's to help her paint her room today and so that was fun. Painting relaxes me....I am not sure why. Also for those of you who don't know....Maybe it is wrong to post this on a blog but I will tell you what I have to tell you and then why I am posting it. Curtis and Esther found out in March that they were expecting a baby in November and everyone has been very excited. At 9 weeks she had an ultrasound and found that there was not a heart beat. This was last Thursday and as you can imagine they and the kids are devistated and we are all so sad for them. Anyway I am posting it on the blog because it is a hard thing to tell people, that you lost your baby! So now, you may think I am rude but she told me today to tell everyone because she didn't want to tell anyone. I can't even imagine what she is going through, but I know that acknowleging the loss does not upset is just hard for her to talk about.
On a different note we get to have Jentz and JosLynn come and spend the week with us so we are very excited about that. I hope that they brought their knives so they can cut the tension in this house with it.....just kidding.....we are ok, just hoping that work will pick up soon.
We had a nice easter, but nothing else is new.
Drew has said some pretty funny things lately. He thinks that snakes are indients (idiots). He wonders who will get the community (immunity) idol on survivor. He calls air freshners "air confreshners", last night he called mom and dad to ask if he could come down to their house and play...then kept them on the phone for a few minutes asking them what they got for easter. Today in maverik he saw "the Jeep of mine dreams" it was a black jeep that was metal with rubber tires and he thought it was the greatest thing in the whole world. He asked if her could get it and I said, "no but you can pick a treat" so he picked his treat and then asked if I would follow him cuz he needed to show me something. So he lead me to the isle with the jeep on it. I oowed and aahed with him and then looked at the price and it was 20 bucks. So he asked again if he could get it and I told him no. he said, "I will use my money out of my bank" and I said no. So he followed me to the other isle where there was a guy in the isle with us. He said if you won't let me buy that jeep with the money out of my piggy bank then how am I ever going to get that jeep.......I said, problably never.......I looked at him.......he dropped his treat and didn't even move his hands and had the funniest look of discust on his face. Me and the guy in the isle busted out laughing......I couldn't help it, it was so funny. then he did the one shouldher shrug at me and said I don't care....I don't care....that is his new thing.
At broulims I saw Uncle Brent Cleveland who I never get to see....anyway he walked up and visited for a minute and I said Andrew this is Uncle Brent Kandy, Holly, Russell and Reubens dad....and he looked at us like we were indients (idiots) and said, "I knowwww". Brent was like no you don't this is the first time I met you. Then Andrew gave the one shoulder shrug.
He says "I Knowwww" after everything. It is so crazy. What would I do without him. He makes me laugh and is helping me get through this. The doctor is testing me right now for loupus and Rhumitoid Arthritus. I don't know how to spell them and I hope I won't have to learn how.....I hope I don't have them. Love to all!

Monday, April 13, 2009

"What a Whirlwind"

Ok so I wanted everyone to know that I am changing the biz website for the rice bags and "coming soon" corn bags.....from to shorter, better, simple! So it will take a day to get it up running right and get everything switched over but for those of you that have posted my website on your blog for me please change the address. Love to all!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My New Business

For those of you that don't know I have started an online business where I make and sell rice bags. If you are thinking "Deidra, what is a rice bag", well let me tell is kinda like heaven in a bag...ha ha....I think so anyway. It is fabric filled with rice....wait cute cute cute fabric filled with rice that you heat up in the microwave and then put it on the parts of your body that hurt. I have fybromyalgia and so my rice bags are my best friends. I use them everyday. They are the perfect gift for someone who suffers from Fybro (fybromyalgia), arthritis, headaches, cold feet, chronic pain, injuries, they are good for colic with babies, stomach aces, cramps, growing pains......blah blah blah they are just so good for so many uses. If you have any questions or anything send me an email at and my website address is please spread the word. I even have a introductory coupon right now until April 30Th where you get 20% off each rice bag that you buy embroidered. I know, I is way fun. Thanks again to all of you for you love and support on my new venture...I hope that I sew so many I loose my mind! Lots of love.....Deidra

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This is figure that my mom gave me and a poem that she wrote for me a year or so ago. It touched my heart and I hope it will touch yours too. I love you Mo!

Listening Angel
My Eyes were drawn to this figure,
Then quickly stared to tear
A beautiful girl standing there….
A pink seashell to her ear.
It was your face I envisioned
Studying this sweet art.
I needed to bring her to you
I felt it was my part.
You, drawn to things of the ocean--
Dolphins, beauty and shell.
The connection to you engulfed me
And my love for you did swell.
The rhythmic, humming ocean sound
Angels here must do bidding
Captured within each shell--
Reaching souls alone and lost.
There, although one must concentrate
Aching simply for some listening
To hear it at all--or well.
By life's stormy sea tossed.
As listening to a shell's music,
Perhaps a sincere complement
Takes silence, patience and time,
And, "How are you today?"
Listening to other's sorrow,
Made the difference big or small
Requires a willing heart sublime.
And kept despair away.
Listening and understanding
You'll love and hold many seashells
To the words between the lines,
Throughout this wondrous plan.
Listening, now your sweet trademark,
At times it may be too draining,
Empathy, love defines.
Listening to the troubled clan.
Put in simplistic language
Always listen to the spirit
You make the time to care.
And do your very best.
By listening and remembering
And, remember the pink seashell
For others, always there.
Let other angels do the rest.
You are listening with your heart,
My eyes were drawn to this figure,
You hear what others miss
Then quickly started to tear.
This gift or talent or treasure
A beautiful woman standing there…
Too special to dismiss.
A pink seashell to her ear.
By listening to the spirit
Quiet prompting you hear.
Written for my Deidra
With your woman's intuition
LaRee C. Baker
You're often God's earthly ear.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tagged by Mandy!

Here are the Rules:1)
Post rules on your blog2)
Answer the six "8" items8 Favorite

TV Shows:
1. One Tree Hill
2.Gossip Girl
3. Secret Life of an american teenager
4. Greys Anatomy
6. investment property (HGTV)
7. Survivor
8.Chelse Lately

8 Things I did Yesterday:
1. Woke up and got Drew Ready for school
2. Went and Stripped wallpaper
3. Went to lunch with Josh and Drew
4. Came home and cleaned the house
5. Helped Esther download some music
6. Ate dinner
7. Watched JosLynn go through one of her dances
8. Had an ultimate wrestling match with Josh in the living room....(of course I let him win, I wasn't going to compromise his manhood!)

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1. Winter being over
2. JosLynn's Dance Competitions
3. Andrew telling me what he learned in school
4. Date night with Josh
5. Volley ball
6. Selling our investment houses!!!!!
7. Building a house
8. Phoenix trip.....if # 6 happens......we may just be able to go!

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. Fagioli's
2. Olive Garden
3. Sizzler
4. Texas Road House
5. Red Lobster
6. Golden Coral
7. Arbys
8. Wendy's

8 Things on My Wish List:
1. To never loose my child
2. Financial freedom
3. My husband would make me his hobby!
4. Own a home in Yuma, Arizona
5. Chevy Malibu 08
6. I wish that I wouldn't be so stressed
7. I always wanted to be a lawyer!
8. Get sealed to Josh in the temple

8 People I Tag:
1. Kym
2. Angie
3. Mom
4. Melinda
5. Cassie Ann
6. Kandy
7. Holly
8. Mandi

Come on....Play!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I miss my baby!

My little man Andrew wants his dad to do everything for him....brush his teeth, bath him, help him with prayers, put his clothes on, take him to school, pick him up from school and fix his hair. So, I guess that I have nothing to do all day right? Yeah right! So the night before last Andrew woke up crying and came into our room and asked josh to come and put him back to bed because he was having a "spooky" dream. So, Josh took him back to his room and asked him what the dream was about and Andrew said that there was a spider in his dream that was bigger than him and kept chasing him. He also said that it kept pushing him around and it was making him "mad like that". So funny. When he says certain words he holds his hands up by his face and moves his fingers around like he is doing a magic trick. Those word are "spooky", "creepy", "crinkley" (which we don't know what crinkley is all about) it is just funny how little kids talk. He always is saying the letter L as a W. So he calls aunt Lisa....Wisa....a letter...a..wetter....his friend get the picture. I just always say that I am going to write this stuff why I was thinking of it I thought I would blog it! Hope all is well with everyone.....oh yeah...I miss my baby. I see all of these new babies born on TV and cute "wittle" babies laughing and bringing so much joy to their parents. I heard that as kids grow they become a trial as well as a joy.......I agree with that statement. I remember when it was just easy. Being a mom was some things are easy and some things are hard. What is strange to me is that the things that I thought were going to be easy are hard, and the things that I thought would be hard are easy. For example....I thought that it would be easy to keep your house clean all the time.....hard.....I thought it would be hard to love some one unconditionaly......easy.....I wouldn't ever give him back that is for sure. I am sure I will get some comments on "when is number 2 on the way" blah blah I will save you the time....when the good lord sends one down....that is when! Me and Kandy were discussing that people are weird......once you get married they are like "soooooo, when are you going to have a baby"......then as they are holding your newborn in their arms they say "sooooo, when are you going to have another one".......Get out of my uterus! must be a good conversational piece.......I am just as guilty as anyone.......I guess you don't want to come out and say so how many kids are you planning to have so I never have to ask you if and when you are having more children.....that would sound nosy....but if you say soooooo.......when are you going to bless your life with another sounds better. And here is a little piece of info that some of you may like to know.....When I was pregnant with Andrew and was so sick....some days I thought what the &$%# was I thinking.....nothing is worth this. When I would say "crazy" and "hysterical" things like "this is my only pregnancy...this is my only child" mother's would put their arm around me and say....."Hey, you will forget all about it once you are holding that little baby in your arms...." Little did they know that I couldn't even hold him for very long because I was throwing up so bad and shaking all over.......but my point is "I didn't forget and it has been 3 and 1/2 years.....I remember it like it was yesterday.....The day he was born was not traumatic for
was a day that I would do a thousand times over rather than be pregnant......I was so sick.....but yes ladies you were right....he was worth it. So I am pretty tired
that is why I am sure that this post will not make sense to anyone....You are thinking "what was her point??" So, my point is that I love my little guy more than I could have ever imagined. Being a mom is great and I feel blessed to have this opportunity. Love to all!

So I have a pic of the day we brought drew home, one year, 2 year and 3 years.....Notice the white tigers behind Andrew and then I think you will know why he looks terrified!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bye Bye!

Hey everyone just a quick note to let you know that we are headed for St. George in the morning to see Josh's parents and sister.....and then he and I will head to Las Vegas for a night away for our anniversary. I know that it isn't until the 14th of the month but work has been really slow, so we thought we would just head out now. Anyway I am nervous about the long car ride with little man Drew but I hope that all goes well. Love to all and I'll talk to you next week.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Child is so Funny!

Tonight I was sitting doing a puzzel and Josh was relaxing in his chair when here comes our little man carrying my bra. He said "Mommy you forgot to put yur boobs on". Josh and I laughed so hard there were tears. Oh, what would we do with out him!