Thursday, January 31, 2008

Krabby Patties

Last night for dinner we were making pancakes and eggs and Drew wanted to see. So he stood on a chair and watched as I cooked them. Pretty soon he said, "Mom deese are donna be dood Krabby Patties." For those of you who don't know what a krabby patty is--it is off of the cartoon Sponge Bob Square Pants. We thought it was really cute for him to say that and so we went along with it and ate Krabby Patties and Barnicles (pancakes and eggs) for dinner!

Taking a Bath

So, here I sit in my office making calls and getting business taken care of when I hear the bathroom door open and then close. So as I am getting up to see what the little man Drew is up to when I hear the bath tub turn on. I went to open the door and it was locked. I said "Drew what are you doing"? He said, " Uh mommy I'n takin a bass". I said, "Unlock the door please." He said, "Uh I tant mommy tus I not need your help." So I went and got the knife to open the door. Whne I got in the bathroom he looked at me with a sassy look and said, "Mom I taked a bass before, leave me alone peas, let me have a privitsey peas." I said, "Oh honey I know that you have taken a bath before but you do need help getting it started. Then he said, " I tan do it myself, I'n two you know." I couldn't help but laugh. I told him that he can not lock the door again. He said sorry and then I came in here to write this. so while I have been writting I have also been bossed around. Get this toy get that one. Finally I heard him said "otay I'n all done". So I got him out of the bath and went into his room to dry him off and lotion him up. I put the lotion on and put his training pants on, then I made the horrible mistake of getting his comfy sweat pants out of the drawer because what was underneath of them is just unspeakable. Just kidding. What was under them were his pj's that have spiders all over them. So here comes the girly scream, "AAAHHHH Spiders, mommy der is spiders in my drawer." So I took them out and reminded him that they were his pj's and he clung to me saying, "I no yike spiders mom, dey are dicusting, get it away." So I put them back in the drawer under the rest of his pj's and started to put his pants on. He said this to me......"Mom I can't believe you did dat to me cause you gived me a tartitak." I can only assume that he meant heart attack. I started laughing so hard. He said "I know mom I funny I know, why you yaugh yike that mom, cause I funny mom, I know." So after his shirt was on and I set him down because he was all dressed just before we left his room he turned to me and said, "mom tan I wear the spider pjs to bed tonight?" I said , "sure if that is what you want to wear." So for those of you who have had 2 year olds or do have them you understand why most of the day I am confused about what I am supposed to do and not supposed to do. Each day is a new adventure. Today is especially cute because he has a stuffy nose so everything that he says sounds even that more cute.
Have a great day.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Child is CRAZY!

So it has been freezing cold here. Below zero! And so the pipes that go to my kitchen sink are frozen. We had some dishes that needed to be done so I starting washing them in the bathtub. Drew was watching Dora, counting in (it is hillarious and cute) while I was doing the dishes. When he heard water running (I was almost done) he came running into the bathroom and put his little hands on his hips and said....."Mom you know that you are not possed to put stuff in the bath tub, do you understand me, You make me mad like that when you put stuff in the bathtub, do you hear me mom, do you understand that now I have to spank you, I don't want to but you are being very very naughty like that." So after he took a breath I told him that I was sorry that I put stuff in the tub but the kitchen sink focet was frozen and I had to wash the dishes. He said " I can't believe it, I can't believe what you are saying to me right now like that." Then he went on to tell me again how naughty that I was for doing that. He said, "You make me nervous when you do things like that." So I told him that I would try to hurry and get the dishes done so that I could clean out the tub. He said, "Mom I NEED to take a bath pease pease peas peas!!! So I hurried and got the tub cleaned out all the while his sitting on the side lines telling me that he couldn't believe what a mess I was making and that I was going to clean it up, and did I understand. NIGHTMARE! So I guess that he really does listen to all the things I say to him, he repeats them back. He is getting so big so fast. He is almost potty trained. Today he has gone every time in the potty. So wish me luck on that new fun exciting hectick messy adventure!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Drew & Sugar Cookies

This year just before Christmas I decided to make some sugar cookies. Josh took Jentz and JosLynn to the store to finish up their christmas shopping for the family. Drew decided that he wanted to help me make the cookings. So I have him his own dough and a roller to roll it out. But seriously 2 year olds are not satisfied until they have what you have. So I DID let him use my marble rolling pin and roll out some cookies. I am really glad that I let him help me because he did do a good job and we had alot of fun together. He is my most precious gift, and I love him so much.