Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My New Business

For those of you that don't know I have started an online business where I make and sell rice bags. If you are thinking "Deidra, what is a rice bag", well let me tell you....it is kinda like heaven in a bag...ha ha....I think so anyway. It is fabric filled with rice....wait cute cute cute fabric filled with rice that you heat up in the microwave and then put it on the parts of your body that hurt. I have fybromyalgia and so my rice bags are my best friends. I use them everyday. They are the perfect gift for someone who suffers from Fybro (fybromyalgia), arthritis, headaches, cold feet, chronic pain, injuries, they are good for colic with babies, stomach aces, cramps, growing pains......blah blah blah they are just so good for so many uses. If you have any questions or anything send me an email at info@deidraspainrelief4life.com and my website address is www.deidraspainrelief4life.com please spread the word. I even have a introductory coupon right now until April 30Th where you get 20% off each rice bag that you buy embroidered. I know, I embroider....it is way fun. Thanks again to all of you for you love and support on my new venture...I hope that I sew so many I loose my mind! Lots of love.....Deidra

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This is figure that my mom gave me and a poem that she wrote for me a year or so ago. It touched my heart and I hope it will touch yours too. I love you Mo!

Listening Angel
My Eyes were drawn to this figure,
Then quickly stared to tear
A beautiful girl standing there….
A pink seashell to her ear.
It was your face I envisioned
Studying this sweet art.
I needed to bring her to you
I felt it was my part.
You, drawn to things of the ocean--
Dolphins, beauty and shell.
The connection to you engulfed me
And my love for you did swell.
The rhythmic, humming ocean sound
Angels here must do bidding
Captured within each shell--
Reaching souls alone and lost.
There, although one must concentrate
Aching simply for some listening
To hear it at all--or well.
By life's stormy sea tossed.
As listening to a shell's music,
Perhaps a sincere complement
Takes silence, patience and time,
And, "How are you today?"
Listening to other's sorrow,
Made the difference big or small
Requires a willing heart sublime.
And kept despair away.
Listening and understanding
You'll love and hold many seashells
To the words between the lines,
Throughout this wondrous plan.
Listening, now your sweet trademark,
At times it may be too draining,
Empathy, love defines.
Listening to the troubled clan.
Put in simplistic language
Always listen to the spirit
You make the time to care.
And do your very best.
By listening and remembering
And, remember the pink seashell
For others, always there.
Let other angels do the rest.
You are listening with your heart,
My eyes were drawn to this figure,
You hear what others miss
Then quickly started to tear.
This gift or talent or treasure
A beautiful woman standing there…
Too special to dismiss.
A pink seashell to her ear.
By listening to the spirit
Quiet prompting you hear.
Written for my Deidra
With your woman's intuition
LaRee C. Baker
You're often God's earthly ear.