Monday, March 31, 2008

Kandy is a Mommy

Kandy (Cleveland) and Nate Breinholt had a little boy on Friday March 28th. He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! Check out her blog at

Sunday, March 30, 2008

2 Year olds....gotta love 'em

So last night Josh was asking me if I could find his photo abulms of his fishing trips so that he could take them to work to show a friend. I went and got them and when I brought them in we all started looking at them The laughter began because I think it is so funny that Josh used to look like a nightmare with his long hair and beards and mountain man pictures. He thinks that they are AWSOME by the way....anyway I said, "Josh I bet Drew wouldn't even know who you are". Josh said "Well, ask him." So this is the picture that I chose and said, "Drew who is this?" He gave me a confused look and said "Jesus!" We started laughing so hard, I thought that I was going to pee my pants. For the rest of the night Drew would tell us about how he saw Jesus Pishing (fishing). Seriously, Drew just ran in the computer room right now and said "Yook mommy Jesus catchin a pish!" What a kid!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Color

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Drew's New Room

So I did it, finally it is done and it looks great. I painted Drew's room chocolate and blue. It is very Sheek, just kidding. I think that it is pretty nice and he "Yikes" it too. He has been sleeping in his big boy bed but still has to fall asleep first on the couch. As soon as Josh doesn't have to work nights anymore (after Apirl 8th) then we can get a bed time routine started and take turns putting him to bed. I am way excited about that. We had a good Easter. Josh had to work nights (of course) and so Drew and I got up and went to sacrament meeting. He was really good. He folds his arms during the prayer and closes his eyes. There are days that he makes me proud. He started insisting that we go home, he was hot and he said that he didn't fill good. Since I knew that the afternoon was filled with activities I took him home in hopes that he could get in a nap. Yeah right, no nap for him. Naughty! At 12:45 we woke up Josh and got ready to go to mom's for dinner. For Easter we each got a new beach towel and I embroydered our names on them. Josh and Jentz got lime green stripped ones with their name in purple and Drew got a Thomas the train one, JosLynn and I got towels with flowers and butterflies on them. I also put a dolphin on mine, because I love dolphins. Drew had been packing Josh's towel around since he woke up and was very excited to give daddy his towel when we woke him up. At mom's we had a family prayer in the living room and then sat us to a wonderful ham and scalloped potatoes meal with buttermilk rolls and jello, apple sauce, etc. Dad make English Triffel and mom made cheese cake. Everyone was excited because Triffel is Curtis, Esther, JOsh, dad, and mom's favorite dessert and the cheese cake is mine, Brandon and Sabrina's favorite. Then after dinner dad took the grandkids down stairs to see his train city. It was the first time some of them got to see it. Esther, Sabrina and I hid easter eggs, and mom put the food away. So when all the kids came up stairs we had them hunt and it was really cute. Everytime that Drew got one he yelled "I got it" and then he would move on to the next one. After we tallied up all the eggs then Christopher and Brody who had the most got to pick a game and they chose the train game (looking at g-pa's trains) again and so everyone who wanted to went back down stairs. Through out the day when Drew would open an egg to see what was inside he would yell, "yook mommy I won suppin". It was so cute. Jentz and JosLynn stopped on their way to a family dinner and gave us hugs and got their towels. I think that they had a pretty fun easter too. So that is about all that is going on with us.

This is lil miss Shailey Dawn Baker

Look how good dad looks!

He is sure starting to feel alot better and that makes us all really happy. Anyway Josh is getting ready to get up in a few minutes and he has 2 and a half days off. Lots to do and so little time.
Love to all,

Monday, March 10, 2008


That is me, I am a looser. I have not posted a comment in so long.............and I haven't painted Drew's room yet..................and we haven't put his bed together yet............I know, I am a looser. 2 year olds are the busiest people on the planet. I'll be honest, I am scared of opening the can of paint. He wants to do everything that everyone is doing. I think I will have to wait to paint his room until I can get him out of the house for a few hours......any volunteers? Anyway, so not much here is new with us. Josh got a decal on the back window of the you want to see it? Okay here it is

Yes we are going into the roofing and siding business. He is still working for Agrium. He loves elk, incase you can't tell.

This is one of my favorite pictures. It is me and my brother Curtis when we were really little. We have always been pretty close.

This is me and him in San Diego when he was in the Navy..........those were the days!

Anyway just thought that I would check in and say hi. My little man is as busy as ever.

I am excited about the new venture that we are taking in our business. We sure hope that it will be a success.

Okay just one more favorite........................

Drew and Great Grandpa Jack!

J.A.Q. (jack) Get it!
Joshua Andrew Quintero